Friday, August 10, 2012

Anti-Diet Author Lynn Donovan McCann

Born before the boomer generation, Lynn Donovan survived mid-1950s adolescence, graduated from Bennington College with a major in Dance, and settled in New York City, for good.  Her early career included work for stage, TV and film.  In the late 1960s, she took a day job, and her star rose as a copywriter at the ad agency that helped launch Ms. Magazine.  Shortly after publication of the original Anti-Diet (1971), Lynn earned an M.S.W. degree and for several years maintained a private practice as a counselor/editor for writers whose projects were stalled en route to deadline.  She won several editorial awards for her contributions to a medical publication.  To support an abiding passion for theatre, she trained as a COBOL programmer and consulted for 25 years in the banking and brokerage industry. This enabled Lynn to devote considerable time and energy to an off-off-Broadway theatre repertory company.  Recently, she’s appeared in Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Ensler.  An accomplished singer, Lynn continues to perform at a weekly workshop among her peers.  In addition to this fully revised edition of The Anti-Diet, other books-in-progress reflect this author’s diverse creative, professional, and personal journey.  Married at age 56, still a freelance editor, and currently teaching writing at a small, urban college, Lynn McCann considers herself a late bloomer. There will be no unused portion to return to the manufacturer.