Friday, March 29, 2013

Plaza College's Online "Seasons" Magazine Article: Professor Lynn McCann Publishes The Anti-Diet

Professor Lynn McCann Publishes The Anti-Diet

Professor McCann loves working with her students.

In addition to her success in the classroom, esteemed Plaza College English Professor Lynn McCann recently celebrated another major accomplishment: a published book!
Professor McCann recently spoke with Seasons about revisiting a book she first wrote in 1966, and the steps she took to publish the book once more … on her own!

Question: When did you first start writing The Anti-Diet?
McCann: In 1966. We actually did have electricity back then, but my typewriter was a manual, and it didn’t even have a plug. 

Question: What drew you to this particular subject?
McCann: I never dreamed I’d write about dieting.  A good friend who had watched me overcome an eating problem by increasing awareness instead of cutting calories suggested that I write about the experience. “I can’t do that!”  I said.  “Sure you can!”  She said, and kept encouraging me. I finally gave it a try, and it took about two years to write.  It was a learning process. 

Question: What response did your book receive when it first came out?
McCann: I appeared on a radio talk show and a TV program to promote the book in the U.S.  I also went to London to promote the book on TV there.  It was exciting.  But, I think the book was a little ahead of its time, and I was disappointed when sales didn’t go through the roof.  After a while, I began to get letters from people all over the country, and from Canada, saying that The Anti-Diet had really helped them a lot.

Question: How many years passed between its initial publication and your decision to revisit it?
McCann: It came out in the U.S. in 1971 and in England in 1972.  After many years, I noticed that some of the Anti-Diet ideas had gone mainstream (“conscious eating,” “mindful eating”).  Even Weight Watchers was talking more about the importance of awareness and satisfaction.  When I started teaching at Plaza College five years ago, I was already working on the revision.    

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