Friday, June 24, 2016

The Great New Summer Read!

My gym buddy, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano – an absolutely gorgeous lady with whom I commiserate about writing, publishing, art, food, care of the body, care of the mind, and life in general, has just published "Face Value: The Hidden Ways Beauty Shapes Women's Lives". About 80 friends and professionals gathered last night at The Beauty Bar in Manhattan for a celebration hosted by her publisher, Simon & Schuster.

As Autumn describes it: “The book is all about how beauty really affects women—our friendships, our romances, our language, our media, and more—and makes the case that our relationship with how we look is far more nuanced than we've been told. Its early reception has been encouraging: Library Journal gave it a starred review and called it a ‘valuable addition to contemporary feminist writing,’ and Bustle just included it in its list of best summer nonfiction.”

This is a real “you go, girl” moment. My copy is on its way from Amazon (Autumn will sign it for me between crunches). Stay tuned for a complete review.--

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